What We Do

We help people implement Power Pick Global in cooperation with their KardexRemstar dealer. If you have a login, click here for access to PPG Support resources and online knowledge base and support. 

We offer add-on tools to enhance Power Pick Global. Examples:

  • RESTful API (offers integration for other software, PLCs, etc.)
  • Order Alert Tool (coloured lights)
  • Web-based Reporting and Dashboards
  • Automated Variance Report: ERP/PPG (to file, printout, email)
  • Automated Reorder Report (to file, printout, email)
  • Automated Expiring Materials Report (to file, printout, email)
  • Enhanced Display Tool
  • Custom tools (e.g. file conversion utility, batch setup for kits, auto-sort for orders, PLC and automation intelligence, label and pack list printing — for automated systems).

Contact your KardexRemstar dealer or info@chainreference.com.