ERP Material Import Utility for PPG


PPG has a material master that ideally is maintained through an interface with the host (e.g. ERP) system which is the main source of the material data. Some customers’ ERP system can perform a tight integration that will provide just updates to materials and new materials to an intermediate file or table so that PPG can import those changes and new items.

In cases, where the ERP system cannot provide just the updates and new items, but instead can only send out the entire material list for items in a “PPG” bin/location, PPG can import the entire list to update all existing and add any new materials.

However, when the material updates are needed on a timely basis, and the material list consists of thousands of items, it is not practical to import the entire material list at frequent intervals. A utility is then required to do this in a more efficient manner.

This utility

  • reads in material information from a file or SQL table that is generated by the ERP system,
  • does a query on the PPG material master, and
  • for each material in the ERP output file that does not exist in PPG, adds it to a new file to be imported into PPG.

This tool runs as a Windows service on a set (configurable) schedule.

The input file from ERP can be in one of the following formats:

  • Delimited text
  • XML
  • JSON

Post-process actions

The tools offers the ability to delete or move and/or rename the files after reading and processing their data.

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