ItemPath – Build assurance using item history and compliance monitoring

ItemPath logo smallItemPath is a software program that goes to a new level for companies who need to track their things as well as manage quality and safety compliance.


Use ItemPath to show assurance of compliance and tie that information to each individual item’s traceable history.


Track each item’s movements and record custom attributes to build their detailed traceable history. Where it came from and went, and what happened to it along the way. ItemPath handles assets and supports containers and processes with multi-level combinations and separations.


Snapshot sample - Pre-OpRecord “Snapshots” of conditions at locations. This accomplishes two important goals.  It replaces the old clipboard with pen and paper checklist forms – making the data collected much more accessible (also with approvals, comment trails, and alerts). The results of the snapshots are then linked to the items that are in that location and affected by it. Each item’s history points back to the snapshots that apply to it.


ItemPath was designed to work across many applications. Some places where it fits:


    • A utility company tracks their assets and needs to know what actions were performed on them. They need to also monitor at which locations the assets are and know when inspections on them are required.


    • A farmer gets a detailed history of each of his cows. This includes feeds that were administered (and their sources), hourly temperatures in the barn, daily milk production, and health events. He uses the data to see what correlations there are between these factors.


    • A company has manufacturing operations in Asia and operations and distribution around the globe. They record conditions about each item and building conditions and use the data with customer feedback to relate sources, methods and conditions to product quality.


    • An electronics device manufacturer monitors warranty issues for items. Each item’s history includes when the item was shipped as well as the specific components and their sources.


    • As products are shipped globally, the movement history of the container also applies to the contained items at several levels (item/box/pallet/container). The distributor know where each item has been and for how long.


  • A food processor tracks all ingredients from source through multiple processes to the finished products. All food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance checklists are recorded as Snapshots in ItemPath. Snapshots are linked to item history to demonstrate internally and to customers assurance of compliance.


ItemPath supports cloud-connected devices – the Internet of Things (IoT). Values such as temperatures and weights are automatically recorded in data fields to add to the history of items. Labels and tags are centrally designed, managed and printed without installing software or printer drivers.


With everything connected and in real time, ItemPath is a secure and convenient platform for tracking things and building their detailed history. It provides visibility of materials, activities and conditions as well offers assurance that things are as they should be – or alerts when something is not.


ItemPath Report - Stock by LocationUniquely tying traceability with compliance, ItemPath will take you to a new level. Automating data gathering with cloud-connected (Internet of Things) devices will give you more data. Using the built-in reporting and analytics gives you meaningful information that helps you to a better job.


What don’t you know about your things that you would like to know? Chances are ItemPath can help you find that out. Check it out further at

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