This is a RESTFUL API that enables other software to use a modern, standard interface to exchange data with PPG. It also enables special reports and actions based on the PowerPick database values.

The purpose of this API tool is to integrate with the PowerPick database to provide some additional features that are not available in PowerPick itself.


Cloud software can make API calls to add materials and orders to PowerPick and get history details.

PLCs that control conveyors can make API calls to get order details and know where to route boxes and totes based on details from PPG.

Logistics software can read an order bar code and use the API tool to print order labels and packing lists.

Turn on a light when there are orders to be picked. Change the colour depending on the highest priority order to be picked.


  • See the status of orders (completed, unprocessed, shortages, etc.)
  • Build and run custom reports in a browser (i.e. reporting users without needing PPG user licenses)
  • Produce auto-generated reports
  • Run a Variance Report to compare ERP’s stock in the PPG bin with PPG stock.
  • Create alerts for custom criteria (e.g. low stock, orders ready to pick). Includes lighting up lights, sounding alarms, etc.
  • Enhanced Display Tool (when the PPG Display Tool has limitations)
  • Dashboard: Show live KPIs in a browser
  • Stock Replenishment Tools
  • Recurring Orders Tool
  • Order Reverse/Return Tool
  • Data Transfer Alert Tool—to notify on specific conditions (errors, unconfirmed transfers, etc.)

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