PPG Material Request Tool


The PPG Material Request Tool is a Windows app that will do the following:

  • Create a text file in a Windows folder (set in a config,ini file).
  • PPG will then import this text file as a Pick Order.

Program operation:

Enter the Material to request. The tool will check that the Material exists in PPG, and if not, will give a message.

Enter the desired quantity.

Optionally enter the Qualification. This must match the Material Property requirements in PPG. (Enter a Qualification only if it is required by the property of that material.)

Enter as many Materials you want to request, then Save the order. Or you can Abort the order.

Sample Screenshot of the PPG Material Request Tool


A text file will be produced in the folder you specify in the config.ini file.

This output file will be imported by PPG to generate Pick Orders.

Example file:



PPG needs a corresponding import profile to pick up the records in this file. Contact your PPG installer or help@ppgsupport.com.


The utility will make requests for only the one warehouse specified in the config.ini file.

Web version available

There is also a version of the Material Request that is web-enabled — for full screen or mobile devices.

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