PPG Reorder Report Tool


The Reorder list shows which materials have a current stock level that is less than a set reorder point.

Power Pick offers a manually triggered Reorder List in Reporting / Screen Lists / Material Reorder List. But it doesn’t have an automated output, and id does not support sending to email.

The PPG Reorder Report Tool automatically generates the report at set times and sends to a file or email.

It runs a query on the Power Pick database and shows the following details:

  • Material Name
  • Material Info1 (Material Description)
  • Reorder Point
  • Current Quantity (filter by a list of Storage Units)
  • Short Qty (= Reorder Point – Current Quantity)
  • Can Order Point (used as a top-up value)
  • Replenish Qty (= Can Order Quantity – Current Quantity)

It sends the resulting report to a file and/or an email

Example of the report output:

This utility runs as a service.

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