PPG Replenishment Tool

Overview — in progress

The PPG Replenishment Tool is an automated tool that generates Transfer Orders in PPG items for items that need to be replenished, such as from an overstock location to a primary pick location.

Use Re-Order and Can-Order levels

Each material you want to replenish from ‘overstock” within PPG will need to have 2 values added (in PPG, Material Management, Advanced tab — or we can mass import them from a file).

  • Reorder Quantity:
    • This is the value that if the stock falls below this in your “primary pick” bin (such as a VLM bin location), it will be picked up by the Replenishment tool.
    • Any materials with Reorder blank will be ignored.
  • Can order Quantity:
    • This value will be used to determine the total maximum stock level you want in the primary pick bin (i.e. VLM locations).
    • This must not be blank if there is a Reorder Quantity for that material.

All overstock bin locations need to be assigned to a zone that can be specified by the Replenishment Tool as the overstock pick zone.

Power Pick setup
Set the Reorder and Can order Quantites in Material Management, Advanced
Tab, where
Reorder Quantity: The material will be included in the Replenishment Report if the current stock in the VLMs is lower than this Reorder Quantity.
Can order Quantity: The top-up amount in the VLMs. The Replenishment Order will attempt to Transfer (pick & put the difference of (Can order – current VLM stock))
Create zones to be VLM and Overstock (requires the Zone Handling module
Apply the locatons in VLM and RACK storage units to be the respectve zone
Set the material property used by the materials to have those 2 zones: VLM, Overstock.

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