PPG Reporting Tool

— by ItemPath

Power Pick Global (PPG) customers often want to generate reports beyond what PPG offers.

PPG offers custom reports through Dynamic Screen Lists which are based on SQL queries. But still, there may be a need for additional reporting capabilities.

PPG Reporting Tool Features

  • Web-based reporting, easily accessible
  • Flexible: Columns, Filters, Sorting
  • Enables condition / response queries
  • Can auto-run at set frequencies, or upon certain conditions
  • Can output to files, emails
  • Allows an unlimited number of users; does not require a PPG user license
  • User authentication at different levels
  • Show and compare metrics

In some cases, when there are many users needing access to large amounts of PPG data, there can be performance issues. The PPG Reporting Tool alleviates this by

  • Running as a de-prioritized process
  • Using pagination (e.g. loads 100 rows)
  • Exporting data as a background process

For more details, contact bill@chainreference.com.

Companion products:

Built on the powerful PPG API Tool, there is a growing list of related software tools.

  • Live Dashboards
  • Order Alert Tool
  • Enhanced Lend Management
  • RESTful API for integration
  • PLC control for Automation Systems
  • Order Divert Tool – direction on where totes should go next

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