Reporting Tool for PPG

For Power Pick Global (PPG) customers who want to generate reports beyond what PPG offers, including automated reports to emails.

Now called

ItemPath Connect.


  • Reports: Web-based/ Flexible, build your own.
  • Workflows: Auto-generate reports outputs.
  • Explorer: On-the-fly queries.
  • Dashboard: Show and compare metrics
  • Apps & Integrations: Growing list of connections (email, text, IoT,…)
  • Report Conclusions: Saved outputs for analytics, time-based dashboards,…

Alleviates PPG Reporting Performance Issues

  • Runs as a de-prioritized process
  • Uses pagination for snappy results
  • Exports data as a background process

Unlimited users; no PPG user licenses required.

Reporting Tool Guide

See how to create your own reports.


Auto-generate reports and send them to file, email, text, and other outputs.

Documentation and Requirements

See the ItemPath documentation.

See the System Requirements.

Companion products:

Built on the powerful PPG API Tool, there is a growing list of related software tools.

  • Live Dashboards
  • Order Alert Tool
  • Enhanced Lend Management
  • RESTful API for integration
  • PLC control for Automation Systems
  • Order Divert Tool – direct users where pick totes should go next

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