Reporting Tool for PPG

For Power Pick Global (PPG) customers who want to generate reports beyond what PPG offers, including automated reports to emails.

Visualize your PPG data.

Get automated outputs.

Flexible. Easy. Powerful.


  • Reports: Web-based/ Flexible, build your own.
  • Workflows: Auto-generate reports outputs.
  • Explorer: On-the-fly queries.
  • Dashboard: Show and compare metrics
  • Apps & Integrations: Growing list of connections (email, text, IoT,…)
  • Report Conclusions: Saved outputs for analytics, time-based dashboards,…

Alleviates PPG Reporting Performance Issues

  • Runs as a de-prioritized process
  • Uses pagination for snappy results
  • Exports data as a background process

Unlimited users; no PPG user licenses required.

Reporting Tool Guide

See how to create your own reports.


Auto-generate reports and send them to file, email, text, and other outputs.

Documentation and Requirements

See the ItemPath documentation.

See the System Requirements.

Companion products:

Built on the powerful PPG API Tool, there is a growing list of related software tools.

  • Live Dashboards
  • Order Alert Tool
  • Enhanced Lend Management
  • RESTful API for integration
  • PLC control for Automation Systems
  • Order Divert Tool – direct users where pick totes should go next

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