PPG Variance Report Tool


The PPG Variance Report tool works with data from Power Pick Global (PPG) and another host system (e.g. ERP) to compare material stock levels between PPG and the Host/ERP system.

This tool runs as a Windows service on a set, configurable schedule –such as daily or weekly at a specified time.

The output is a report to one or more of the following:

  • File
  • Email
  • Excel File

The text report layout can show similar to the following:


  • An X indicates the material does not exist in the system.
  • Variance = PPG QTY – ERP QTY
  • If a Warehouse is specified, it will be shown above the table:
  • If a Lot or Qualification is included, it will be in another column.


  • The PPG Qty will be a sum total of the current stock for each material in Power
  • Pick Global. For Lot tracked materials, these can be set to be listed separately.


The ERP Qty will come from a file or SQL table that the customer’s system will generate.

Host/ERP Source Data

The data type (text file/SQL table) and structure are flexible, so we can talk about the formats you can provide

Post-process actions

The tools offers the ability to delete or move and/or rename the files or records, or set a read status on records after reading and processing their data.

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